Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After a long day of driving and shopping we ended up at Ruby Tuesday’s. Many years ago we had our first real big date at Ruby Tuesday’s in Atlanta after we saw a baseball game (my first). Yasu choose a nacho dish again and I had my first American steak, which they called a ‘Petite Sirloin’ but was still pretty big to me.

But even better than our delicious dinner, was the Christmas gift my sweet boyfriend presented me with just before dinner.

I wasn’t surprised because he let me choose the ring myself at the jewelry store. But that only makes the ring more perfect and me love him more. As you can see, he made me a very happy lady.


Lia-Louise said...

What is that you are drinking? Jus with something alcoholic?? Lijkt me errug lekker!

Louana said...

That's white sangria, consisting mostly of white wine and pieces of mango. It was delicious!