Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunny Christmas

Santa brought us sunshine for Christmas! Finally, it really feels like we’re on a tropical island. It’s hot and humid and we need sunglasses to see things! We’re definitely going swimming today but first we wanted to visit Two Lover’s Point. A place with a legend. A long deep cliff where once upon a time two lovers leapt to their deaths together, because they weren’t allowed to be together in life.

The legend is sad but we can think of better ways to escape a demanding father who doesn’t like your lover. Jumping of such a high and steep cliff just doesn’t seem like a good idea. In any case, the view of the ocean and Tumon Bay (with all its fancy hotels and beautiful beaches) was gorgeous.


Lia-Louise said...

Gebeurt niet vaak dat je kerstmis viert in de zon!
Gelukkig maar dat jullie niet zo depri zijn... wij vinden jouw lover wel geweldig!

Minke said...

Ik denk ook dat jullie betere manieren kunnen bedenken....maar wel een bijzonder punt....zo ook in jullie verhaal...