Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rainy Guam

Even though Guam is a tropical island and we’re supposed to be in the middle of Guam’s dry season, so far all we’ve seen is rain... But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying our vacation.

We’ve been driving around the island in our big purple car, and I get to be the main driver because people drive on the right here. Oh, how I’ve missed driving!
We’ve also been enjoying all the sales just a few days before Christmas. Somehow, spending dollars seems more fun than spending yen.
And, then there’s the movie theater. We love movies, but going to the movies is ridiculously expensive in Japan and the selection of English-spoken movies is limited. But here, all movies are in English and the entrance fee is low, especially on ‘thrifty Tuesday’. And they sell buttered popcorn, which is really unhealthy but our absolute favorite.

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Lia-Louise said...

And, as you know, after the rain there is sunshine!!!
Big kiss.