Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We arrived in Guam in the middle of the night and had a hotel shuttle takes us to our hotel where we had a very, very early check-in. Because we’re budget travelers and we’ll be here for two weeks, we needed a cheap hotel not an expensive resort hotel. So we’re staying at the Days Inn Tamuning.
And we’re very happy with our choice! The room is huge! My apartment can fit in here at least twice. And that kingsize bed is awesome, it’s so comfortable! At home we sleep in my tiny one person bed and we’re always squeezing for space and comfort, here we can dance in our sleep without bothering the other.
Only thing is the location, we were supposed to get our rental car on Christmas Eve, but the distances here are much larger than in Japan and we really need wheels to get to places. So we’ve decided to get the car earlier... Right now, to be more precise.

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Lia-Louise said...

Lekker zo'n king size bedje... je moet elkaar dan wel zoeken!