Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy birthday Yasu!

The sweetest man in the world is turning 26 today!

Yesterday, I learned that he was born at 18:22 on December 9th in 1983. He weighed 3260 grams and was 50 cm tall. Little baby Yasu's head measured 33 cm around and he was 31 cm around his tiny chest. Doesn't he sound all cute and cuddly? Well, he still is! Happy birthday my love!


Yasu said...

Thank you Louana :) I love you mmmmmmmwah

Adrik said...

happy bday yasu ;P weirdly, im exactly 1 year older than you since it's my birthday today too

Louana said...

Adrik, I had no idea today is your birthday too! Have a great day!

Lia-Louise said...

Een hele fijne dag met een heleboel kadootjes!
Dikke kus, moem.

O, and Adrik too ofcourse.

Minke said...

Happy birthday a bit very late, but I wish you all the most wonderful things for your ´new year´!!! Minke xxx