Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goggles and snorkels

We were so happy this morning to discover that we were going to have another blissful day on the beach because the sun was back! The beaches here are really beautiful but also very peaceful, there are hardly any other people.

Even though the beach isn’t crowded with people, the ocean is crowded with tropical fish. Which is where our snorkel sets come in handy.

And here’s our daily food log. Our first meal was at a Wendy’s. Yasu really wanted to have some of their sweetened tea, which he had had once before many years ago. The food wasn’t that good, but the tea was exactly like Yasu remembered, so we were happy.

After that half-eaten brunch and an active day on the beach, we were very hungry at dinner time, so we had a feast at Ruby Tuesday’s.

Their salad bar and mashed potatoes are amazing, and the steak wasn’t bad either. Life on Guam in pretty good.


Lia-Louise said...

Dat ziet er inderdaad heel peacefull uit... jullie zien er ook heel gelukkig uit! Houden zo!

Yasu said...

Snorkeling was very fun! Ruby Tuesday was awesome! That's our first date restaurant :) mwah