Sunday, November 22, 2009

Komeda's in Osaka

Komeda’s Coffee is a famous coffee house in the Nagoya region. Yasu and I went there once in Inuyama and it was nice but nothing really that special so we never went there again. But recently people have been telling us about something called shironowaru (white and black). Yasu’s friend described it as pancakes with ice cream and pictures I’ve seen made it look like a dutch treat filled with delicious almond spice topped with a huge amount of soft serve. It sounded interesting but not worth a trip to Nagoya of course. But surprisingly there is a Komeda’s in Osaka too!

Yasu spotted the place before and only remembered it when his friend was recommending him to try that pancake and ice cream dish (I’m holding it in the picture). Well, we tried it, but it wasn’t that special. It wasn’t a pancake (even though the description said so) and it definitely wasn’t filled with almond paste. It was basically a huge misshapen dry croissant with a heap of soft serve. Not bad but not worth another visit, their burgers are better. But it was fun to discover something Nagoyan in Osaka, next I hope to discover a Yamachan because their tebasaki are worth several visits!


ArtTales said...

well it looks yummy :p too bad it really wasnt.

Lia-Louise said...

Hm... helaas. Maar de burger was dus wel lekker?
DVK XXX je moemie.