Sunday, November 15, 2009

Extra the little butterfly brooch

The sale has only just started and my best and favorite customer shopped in my shop again! My sweet mom! She’s started her Christmas shopping already and is planning to put some eleventh monkey creatures under the Christmas tree. And she was so excited about the free giveaway that I made her something special, a tiny butterfly brooch.

I’m giving away skull brooches to other customers, but I’ll be making a bunch of big butterflies for the shop as soon as I can. I hope Rosa the Bear and Mindy the Monkey make the people they’re given to happy and that the little butterfly makes my mom happy.

1 comment:

Floor Wilting said...

Hi Louana,

I had a great christmas because of your eleventh monkey creature.
It's a bit late to comment on christmas things, but better late than never. ;-)
Rosa has made my life so much better,
Thank you.
You're the best!
Good luck with your eleventh monkey thingy! :-D

xx Floor