Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The eleventh monkey

I’ve been really slow at updating my blog lately, and it’s not because I’m lazy but because I’ve been making this:

After our visit to an artsy neighborhood in Seoul I got inspired and started making my own little stuffed creatures, for fun but also to sell online. My first stuffed animal was a giraffe. I made it as a going away present for one of my old coworkers, and after that I’ve been unstoppable.

I have dozens of designs in my sketchbook, but it seems I don’t have enough time to turn all my ideas into actual felt creatures, but I’m certainly trying. And I’m going to put them all in my new Etsy shop.


Louise said...

...en dan hebben ze ook nog een eigen naam èn een eigen willetje! Hoe krijg je het bij elkaar verzonnen.
Ik vind het keileuk gedaan!
DVK XXXXX je moemie.

Sade said...

Hopefully some Japanese girls will see these and purchase as well cause it looks right up their ally! Very cute!

Dan J said...

Oh WOW! These are so super COOL! FUNKAY! Any designs in your sketchbook for elephants?

Brianna said...

Wow, so cute! I want one! How much? :-)

Can you make a Mameshiba one?!

Louana said...

Sade: Yeah I started making these with Japanese girls in mind, but couldn't find a good place to sell them in Japan (mostly because of not speaking Japanese). So I started thinking about other options and found Etsy. Unfortunately not many Japanese are confident enough at English to venture such a website...

Dan J: I have been thinking about elephants, I have something in my head but not drawn it out yet. Next I'll be working on cats, dogs, cows and horses all requests from friends and family. Then I hope to get back to some wildlife like lions and probably elephants.

Brianna: Big ones $22 and small ones $11. Check out the shop! Mameshiba? Is that that bean creature I saw on your flickr?

Brianna said...

I looked at the shop - so cute! I loved all the little names and profiles you created for each one.
Yes, Mameshiba is the little bean dog thing on my flickr. He's my favorite Japanese character.