Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby the Human

My mother is my best customer. Recently she made another request for a baby of the human kind, as a gift for a pregnant friend. It was a bit different than sewing animals, but I like the result. Like the others he or she also looks slightly akward, but that was the point after all.

I also learned new things about Etsy and its Alchemy function. Did a couple of things wrong, like letting the order expire, screwing up the description and almost nothing went right with the pictures. But we learn from all of our mistakes, and luckily my mom is my most understanding customer. I hope she likes the baby.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tea mail

Today the mailman surprised me with a big pink box from the Netherlands. And inside was an even bigger surprise: 240 bags of Pickwick Cactus tea!!

It’s without a doubt the best tea in the world and I always brought back a small suplly of cactus tea from every trip to the Netherlands. But when I was home in May I discovered (to my huge dissapointment) that both the grocery and wholesale stores had stopped selling them! The only cactus tea I got to bring back to Japan was the small amount of bags my brothers and I nicked from the funeral home reception...
But apparently my sweet mom discovered the tea in a mail order catalogue at work. And just this once they made an exception and let my mom order some tea for her daughter in Japan. I am sooo happy! And now I’m off to make some tea!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not teaching English!

So this week I taught those sewing classes I was talking about! I had been so excited about them! It took me about 40 minutes each to create the two-sided fish, the ghost and the popsicle with a face, but most of the students took about two hours! Still they had a lot of fun and they were really proud of their little creatures! In total 15 students spread over 4 classes made 8 fishies, 5 popsicles and 2 ghosts:

Whatever the students are sewing in the next sewing class will have to be a lot simpler if we want to finish within one lesson. But that’s ok, I’m just so happy that the manager was already talking about a next time, because this was really fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sewing at home, at Starbucks and at school

These days I’m slowly updating my blog, but mostly I’m sewing, everywhere. Currently, I’m sewing cats and dogs for my Etsy shop and I’m almost ready to put most of them some on sale. But I just wanted share some (low quality taken with my iPhone) pictures of what has been keeping me busy and happy!

I’ve also been very busy preparing for a couple of sewing classes I’ll be teaching next week. Next week is Silver Week, so we’ll have a four-day-weekend (yay!) and just a three-day-workweek. Regular classes have all been cancelled for that short week and replaced with numerous special lessons. Don’t worry I won’t get bored, I’ll still be busy teaching several different kinds of special lessons, of which the most exciting are the sewing classes! A couple of weeks ago a I sewed a few examples:

Since then students have been able to choose their favorite stuffed creature and their favorite color combinations and sign up for my classes. The fish is the most popular by far, and the least popular is the ghost, which happens to be my own favorite.

So far this week at school, I’ve been busy cutting felt and organizing embroidery floss and buttons so that next week the students can get right to the sewing, because one class only lasts about 50 minutes. I have to remember to take my digital camera with me, because my iPhone just doesn’t take very high quality pictures.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Almost two weeks ago, I ordered some minicards from Moo, and they arrived this morning!

They look absolutely stunning and they are super sturdy. They will serve as super colorful business cards for my Etsy shop. I’m going to punch little bear-shaped holes in the cards and hang them around the necks of my creatures with a piece of ribbon.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Bella the Cat

I made my first request item: a black cat. She was requested by my sweet mother but it was a request item nonetheless. It’s a present for a leaving coworker and I wanted to name an give her a personality, but because it was my first time using Alchemy on Etsy (the request custom item service) I somehow missed the chance to add it to the cat.

Well her name is Bella the Cat and she loves Spain and sangria. I’m going to make some more cats soon and add them to the shop and they’ll have names and personalities. I’m sure Bella will pop up too!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Felt skulls for Halloween

Halloween is on it’s way so I made some colorful felt skulls for my etsy shop.

I know Halloween things are supposed to be scary, but I prefer life a little less frightening so I tried to make them cute rather than creepy.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The eleventh monkey

I’ve been really slow at updating my blog lately, and it’s not because I’m lazy but because I’ve been making this:

After our visit to an artsy neighborhood in Seoul I got inspired and started making my own little stuffed creatures, for fun but also to sell online. My first stuffed animal was a giraffe. I made it as a going away present for one of my old coworkers, and after that I’ve been unstoppable.

I have dozens of designs in my sketchbook, but it seems I don’t have enough time to turn all my ideas into actual felt creatures, but I’m certainly trying. And I’m going to put them all in my new Etsy shop.