Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today Minke and Eelco went to Koyasan in Wakayama prefecture by themselves to check out all the awesome sights there and spend a night in a temple amongst real monks. They’ll be eating vegetarian food only and attending a very early morning fire ceremony. And of course Minke is excited about the huge forest of graves, because she’s always been crazy about cemeteries. Don’t ask me why.

We went to Wakayama too, but Wakayama city (not just prefecture), and by car (not by train). Just because we love to drive and we wanted to go back to that barbecue place we went last year. We really loved it then, and today it was good too, but not nearly as good as last year. In general when you return someplace of which you have really great memories, it’s hard to re-experience that feeling. And of course it was really hot because it’s August. But it was still fun to do some driving with Yasu.


Louise said...

We went to Wakayama too, but Wakayama city and by car. Euhm... de zin is niet helemaal duidelijk volgens mij... ;-)
DVK XXXXX je moemie.

Louana said...

Heb hem wat duidelijker gemaakt, hoop dat het helpt.

Louise said...

Een beetje wel...;-)
DVK XXX je moemie