Friday, August 14, 2009

Minke and Eelco's last night

Of course, I couldn’t let Minke and Eelco leave without doing some purikura with them. We’ve wanted to do this earlier and we tried, but things got in the way, like the lines we too long, or we needed to catch the last train, or we couldn’t find a purikura machine. So on our way back to Osaka from Kobe we got off at Tachibana (the station near Yasu’s house in Amagasaki) just to take some purikura pictures at a small game center at the station:
After exposing the Dutchies to the wonders of purikura we took them back to Tsukamoto for a few more hours of karaoke before we had to say goodbye. And even though this was only their second go at karaoke, they already seemed to enjoy it like pros!
Then just before midnight, Minke and Eelco had to run to catch a train back to their hostel, where they’ll be leaving in the early morning. They won’t be leaving Japan (next on their schedule is climbing Mount Fuji and sightseeing in Tokyo), but they’ll be leaving Osaka and our company. We had so much fun showing them around in Kansai and wish they could have stayed here longer! But we hope they’ll enjoy the rest of their vacation in Japan!

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