Friday, August 14, 2009

Minke and Eelco in Tsukamoto

On the last day Minke and Eelco are spending with us in Japan, they finally visited my little apartment. We hadn’t had the time so far because of all the busy sightseeing, but we managed to squeeze it in today.
And we also managed to squeeze the four of us in my apartment. The grand tour of was over in a minute, and even though they agreed it was small, they thought it was livable and cute. Most of their time in my shoebox was spent unwrapping gifts they brought from home. My mom had sent Minke many packages by post to bring to Japan and Minke and Eelco also brought their own gifts to make us happy with. The most remarkable one being a Jon Bon Jovi action figure... Not sure what to do with that, but it’s interesting.
It was fun showing Minke and Eelco how I live and the places where I shop or have dinner. The only thing I forgot to show them were my neighbor’s washing machines on the street. I had told them about it earlier in the week and they couldn’t believe that people did their laundry on the street before their house. I still can’t believe it either.


Louise said...

Nou, in Italie had ik gezien dat de mensen hun wasmachine op het balkon hebben staan... ennuh, in ons appartementje hadden wij er ook eentje op het balkon. Lekker makkelijk, want daar woont men ook best klein en is het meer een kwestie van ruimtegebrek.
Dus zo heel vreemd vind ik het niet.
DVK XXXXXXXXX je moemie.

Louana said...

Op een balkon kunnen vreemden er niet bij, op straat kan iedereen erbij. Zoals kinderen, vandalen en dieven (je zou zo maar eens je onderbroeken kwijt kunnen zijn).