Thursday, August 13, 2009

MInke and Eelco in Nara

In Nara we visited the famous Buddhist temple complex called Todai-ji. The Great Buddha Hall is the largest wooden building in the world and inside it has the world’s largest statue of Buddha, known as Daibutsu. And of course this temple is also listed as a World Heritage, everything in Japan seems to be one though.

Like in Miyajima, deer roam the streets of Nara freely. Big difference is the behavior of the deer though. The deer in Miyajima are aggressive and even a bit scary, in Nara they’re calm and almost respectful. The only time they will really ‘bother’ you is when you buy the special deer cookies, because they know they’re going to be fed.

In Miyajima there was no special deer food on sale because we weren’t allowed to feed the deer. So whenever they saw any kind of food, or sometimes even bags, they tried to take it away from you. The deer in Nara are curious but they don’t try to take stuff from you. They get fed so regularly that they’re not interested in what the humans around them are eating. Minke and Eelco ate their okonomiyaki without one deer even coming over.

At Todai-ji we did the typical temple stuff again, like lighting incense and drinking holy water. It never seizes to fascinate us tourists.

Another favorite tourist activity is taking pictures. At the Great Buddha Hall we tried a new perspective, from below:

Inside the temple there’s a pillar with a hole the size of one of the Daibutsu’s nostrils. Legend says that if you can crawl through that hole you’re an honest person. The hole is not very big (but huge for a nostril) but Yasu tried and fit through it! It wasn’t easy but he did it. My boyfriend is honest, good to know. Me on the other hand...

Of course this wasn’t my first time to visit this temple, and I’m already getting used to the enormous size of the Daibutsu. But it’s interesting for new tourists so it’s always good to take visitors here.
Minke and Eelco in Nara

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