Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Utage

Another one of my students told me about the Utage 2009, an international food festival held on a island near Osaka port. That seemed very interesting to us, so we went on the last day of the festival. It turned out to be pretty expensive because we had to pay 2000 yen just to enter and nothing edible was given in return for that.
Inside there was more than enough food on display, but it was all for sale and it wasn’t cheap. The food was very international and from all parts of the world, and even though I discovered a couple of windmills they didn’t have any Dutch food. But I had enough Dutch food last night, so I wasn’t too upset about that.
They had a large part of the exhibition devoted to Korean food, which was fun to explore after our trip to Korea last week. We found topogi, gimbap, japchae, kimchi, jeon and even hotteok, which I just had to buy, even though we were quite full already from a few mini sandwiches, Okinawan fried bread balls, pizza, a Okinawan burger and some soft serve ice cream.
It seemed a bit pointless wandering about a huge food exhibition without an appetite, even though everything looked really delicious and interesting. We tried some free samples of spicy and salty cod roe, popcorn and tofu donuts and we tried getting into some show but we just didn’t feel like waiting in line for an hour or more. So we left the Utage and spend the rest of the afternoon chilling in a Seattle’s Best preparing for Yasu’s upcoming TOEFL test.

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