Saturday, May 02, 2009

Our last night in Seoul

We did a lot today but we had so many more plans for today, like seeing some Hi Seoul Festival ceremony, some Blue House where the president lives and works and have another meal of galbi. But somehow we ran out of time and all we wanted was some dinner before our midnight massages. We got back to the city way too late after our mountain trip to have a proper dinner, so we ended up ordering some food in an American-themed bar instead. The food wasn’t cheap, but it was plentiful and rather good. 
After hanging at the bar Jungwon dropped us off at an all-night massage parlor, which sounds very sleazy but it really wasn’t. In Japan Korea is famous for its facials, so we really wanted to try a Korean facial treatment, but because of our busy sightseeing schedule we had to reschedule the appointment twice and ended up doing at midnight on our last night in town. Jungwon booked us a couple room, which meant we got our one-hour facials in the same room. The face massage was very nice but I wasn’t happy with the 20 or 30 minute facial mask, but it was an interesting experience.
Last night

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