Monday, May 25, 2009

Opa's funeral

Today was my grandfather’s funeral. Some of my relatives gave touching speeches and all the grandchildren got to light candles in his honor. It was a beautiful and sad ceremony, and afterwards all the guests joined the ‘funeral coffee’ at a cafe nearby.
I stayed behind with my brothers, because it was really important to Djamo to be allowed to push the casket into the cremation furnace. My mother and her sister this for their mother in the past and they told him it brought them a lot of closure. Djamo had been very close to Opa and hoped to be able to do this for his grandfather. Djamo’s wish was granted, so Gyano helped Djamo while I waited outside with my mom.
During the funeral coffee we received lots of condolences from the dozens of friends and acquaintances of my grandparents. It was nice to see the whole family again, and catch up, as we don’t really gather on many occasions. Afterwards we all went to my aunt’s house for one last cup of coffee (we drink way too much coffee in the Netherlands) before saying goodbye to the family again.

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Louise said...

Toch wel een beetje verwarrend voor de mensen die je blog lezen... bij deze is je opa overleden bij de andere de oma. Toch wel vreemd dat je dan op de foto staat met een opa....
Voor mij niet hoor, ik begrijp altijd alles.
DVK XXXXXX je moemie