Saturday, May 02, 2009

Inspirational Insadong

After another delicious American breakfast at Butterfinger Pancakes here in Korea, we went to explore an artsy neighborhood called Insadong. Even though the weather was crappy, Insadong and its many art galleries was interesting enough for a happy and colorful afternoon.
There were many interesting stalls with artists selling their creations, and one of them immediately caught my eye, from across the street even. It was selling hundreds of little handmade stuffed animals. We loved them so much that I decided to buy one for each of us as a memento of this trip. Problem was we had a hard time just one favorite (except for Yasu, men are so efficient at shopping), so I bought all our favorites, because they were ridiculously cheap anyway. I love cheap Seoul!
Ssamziegil market is a 3-story-spiral-stairway-building. Sounds confusing and feels confusing if you didn’t figure it out before browsing its stores. Somehow when you’re browsing from shop to shop you go higher and higher without even noticing it, and when you think you’ve gone round and will be seeing the same stores again you find yourself on another floor.
It was a wonderful building with loads of interesting shops and decorations, and loads of handwritten graffiti on all the walls and decorations, making everything look even more artsy. Of course we couldn’t resist defacing something with our names too, and we chose one of the big roses for our graffiti (which wasn’t easy with just a ballpoint).
Insadong is a creative place with lots of interesting people and inspirational sights. Like those animal dolls I bought earlier have made me want to craft some colorful creatures of my own when I get back to Japan, and I think I just might!

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Louise said...

Kunstig Korea. Ziet er gezellig uit.
Hm...die ene rechtsonder met die roodwitte blokjes ziet er errug bekend uit!