Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fruity Mother's Day

Today is the day we all pay tribute to our loving mothers, some do it with actions, some do it with gifts, and some Japanese do it with overpriced fruity gifts. Fruit is always rather expensive here, like almost $2 per apple or $6 for a small amount of strawberries, but at least it’s always of great quality (same goes for vegetables by the way). I’ve seriously never found any sour or dry fruit here, and I guess that’s why we have to pay such a high price.
But this Mother’s Day fruit must taste like gold or something: two peaches for $26, a watermelon for $31, 15 strawberries for $31, a bunch of grapes for $47, 9 loquats for $63, a mango for $105, 40 cherries for $105 and a musk melon for $126. I think my mom won’t hold it against me if I don’t buy her this fruit. I don’t need exorbitant fruit to let her know I love and appreciate her: Happy Mother’s Day, Moem!

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