Thursday, May 21, 2009


After finding out about my grandfather’s passing things have been a bit of a blur, but somehow I went to work a day later, made the final decision about going home, taught some lessons, booked a flight in between lessons and got things ready at work for the emergency teacher replacing me. And now a day and a very boring and long flight later I’m back in Europe. My mother and Guido picked me up at the airport, and it was great to see them especially thinking I wouldn’t see them for at least another year. We made a quick pit stop at the new house, before my mom drove me to Belgium to be reunited with my brother Djamo and grandmother.
They hadn’t known I was on my way home, but they had suspected as much. When I called them to say I was back, they didn’t want me to wait till tomorrow, and told me to come stay the night in Belgium. It was really good to see them and Djamo’s girlfriend Sanne again, of course the reason I was there was sad, but catching up, seeing them and holding them again was wonderful.

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