Thursday, April 30, 2009


In Emory, Jungwon and I used to study together after dinner in the university's computer-lab and we’d often bring a seriously huge (about 1 liter) smoothie from the Smoothie King in the food court. So when I spotted a Smoothie King on our way to the bus stop I made us all go in for a smoothie to enjoy during our bus-ride to Deoksu Palace.
The American Smoothie King was very flexible and I would usually choose 5 or 6 kinds of fruit to be mixed into one delicious smoothie, and it was a bit disappointing the Korean version wasn’t willing to sell custom-made smoothies and the available fruit-combination (with just 2 or 3 different kinds of fruit) options were limited. Still the end-product was satisfyingly fruity and smooth.
Smoothie King


Louise said...

Fruity and juicy...ofzoeget.
Yungwon ziet er goed uit!

Minke said...

Echt 'down memory lane', wat gaaf! xxx