Thursday, April 30, 2009

Norebang a.k.a. Korean karaoke

We had a lot of fun during dinner and decided to extend the evening with an hour of karaoke, or norebang as they call it in Korea. Yoel Hoe drove us in his Samsung car (didn’t even know those existed) to some Norebang place across town, after which he suddenly had to leave to help out some friend. So Yoel Hoe left the three of us in a creepy, princessy Norebang Palace to sing for an hour without him. The whole place had a horrible kitsch atmosphere, with white walls and golden mirrors, glass doors (so everyone could observe our norebang-action) dozens of awfully pink-and-rosy pillows and microphones covered in some flowery pink cloth.
Our room was huge, with 4 TV screens, 3 tables, and enough space to sit for at least 15 people. It was so big we could even do some ballroom dancing and jumping around in it. Norebang isn’t as popular in Korea as karaoke is in Japan, so Jungwon wasn’t really an experienced singer. Even with a microphone she was barely audible so at one point we just gave her two mics to sing in, which improved the matter a little.
Besides singing and dancing there were other things to enjoy in this Norebang palace. Like as much ice-cream as we could eat, kind of like drinking as much as you can at a Japanese karaoke chain, but different. Not sure whether buckets of ice-cream are quite as useful as beverages when singing, still we got some ice-cream because it was free. But we never tasted it because we forgot all about our ice-cream once we started singing, and were only reminded of it when we knocked over a container of melted sticky goo while dancing around the room. Besides the free ice-cream and rosy pillows the room came with a box full of instruments like maracas and tambourines. Which are a lot of fun to shake about when you or your friends are singing.
I like norebang, but I prefer karaoke, it’s a bit more private and you get free drinks, but one nice thing about norebang is that the computer kept giving us free singing time extensions, not sure why. But we ended up singing for almost two hours even though we paid for just one.

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Louise said...

Das inderdaad leuker met wat instrumenten om mee te rammelen! Met af en toe een lekker ijsje tussen het samba ballen door!