Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cops and pink ribbons

So far we’ve seen lots of interesting things we don’t normally see in Japan, like multiple-lane streets, hundreds of Western stores, restaurants and brands and a herd of cops both standing and sitting on the Seoul streets.
But we also found thousands of pink ribbons to honor our fifth anniversary... Not really, it was to promote some girly or gay product, but we used the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary some more.
I think the presence of cops was related to the presence of pink ribbons. I mean who can stand that many pink ribbons at once, even if the street is wide, with high buildings and multiple lanes, we need those hundreds of cops to protect us from going ‘pinksane’.
Cops and pink ribbons

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Louise said...

Mooi rose is niet lelijk...toch? Zeker niet als er een mooie wens op staat.