Thursday, April 30, 2009

At Butterfinger's

Last night we stuffed ourselves with Korean food, and this morning we stuffed ourselves with American food at Butterfinger Pancakes. Jungwon and I loved to eat American breakfast in the States, didn’t matter if it was morning or even the middle of the night. So she wanted to introduce us to this very popular American breakfast restaurant. But because it’s Thursday it wasn’t busy at all this morning, but at least the other two customers in the restaurant were Korean celebrities: pianist and music composer Noh Young Shim and her husband movie director Han Ji Seung. Jungwon only recognized the woman and told us about her, which prompted Yasu to ask her if she’s a ‘famous Korean music composer’, at which she shyly replied “yes” with a headbow. And even though we had no idea who she was we still felt compelled to take a picture with her, and she was very willing to help these foreigners out.
They had a very extensive menu and we had a hard time choosing. So Yasu and I ended up sharing a “Split Decision Plate”. A huge plate with a little bit of all typical American breakfast foods. Jungwon made sure the waiters served our plate with a burning ‘5’ candle, which I brought from Japan as a little surprise for Yasu. Jungwon made us blow out the candle together to celebrate our anniversary.
Jungwon ordered some cereal with yoghurt and berries and we all had huge Americano coffees. The coffees were awful, the food was awesome. I hope we’ll go here again this week, but I’ll definitely order another kind of coffee then.
Butterfinger Pancakes


Louise said...

Toe maar; en lekker eten en dan ook nog eens Koreaanse vips zien en fotograferen!!! Bofkont!

Minke said...

Lachennn, aparte ontmoeting hihi!