Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yasu High

After we delivered the red couch to my place, we had some time left before returning the car and decided to drive to Nishinomiya to check out Yasu’s old high school, which was surprisingly far from his hometown Amagasaki. Even though the school is in recess now, the building was still open for students and their various club activities, and therefore also for old students and their girlfriends to just walk in and take a look around.
The school building is very impressive (it even had its own church) and much more beautiful than my high school could ever be, and it was fun to see where a young Yasu took classes and practiced baseball almost everyday for three years. He convinced me to play a game of catch with him, next to the baseball field, because I was too embarrassed about my non-existent baseball skills to play on the actual field. And even though I didn’t really want to throw a ball around in front of high-school students, I really enjoyed it, a lot!

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Louise said...

(Nogmaals...)Is Yasu al eens op jouw oude school geweest? Wel gaaf heej om je in te beelden hoe "kleine" Yasu daar rondliep.
DVK XXXX je moemie.