Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red couch

Yasu and I often go to the movies, too often actually, because a visit to a movie theater costs ¥1800. But we love movies and because I don’t have a comfortable place to sit at home to watch a DVD, we usually get our movie fix in one of those expensive cinemas. But that’s going to change because today we went to IKEA in Osaka to do some couch-shopping! I know my apartment is really too small to put in a couch, but after sitting on Ben’s couch together, we decided that getting our own couch would greatly benefit our comfort at home. After testing dozens of two-seater couches and sofa-beds at the new IKEA store in Osaka Tsuruhama, we finally decided on a reasonably-priced-and-incredibly-red Klippan couch.
It was huge and heavy, especially to carry (or rather push, shove and pull) up to the second floor of my apartment building, it required some assembly, and it cost some money but we’re happy. The couch takes up most of the room (it can actually fit more than two people) and I wish I’d chosen the black cover (even though it was more expensive) because it’s quite a lot of red for such a small apartment... But it’s just so nice to be able to relax on a soft but firm couch, instead of on the floor. Can’t wait to go to Tsutaya and rent some DVDs for a movie-night at home!


Louise said...

How many movies did you already see when your sitting/hanging in the couche?
TFK XXXXXXXXX your moemie.

Minke said...

COOL! And red, mooi! Already my favourite item in your room!;) Can't wait to sit on it hihihi.
Minke xxx