Friday, March 27, 2009


Every time a student comes in with writing on their clothing I want to check it out, because more often than not it turns out to be some funny Engrish, and today this happened again. The student took her jacket off to show me the whole text and I was shocked to find it was in Dutch!
Most of the time the clothing decorations are texts in weird versions of English or German, but Dutch was a first for me! And the text, ‘Nooduitgang’, was correct too, but still quite weird, as it means emergency exit. But who cares? I loved it!


Yasu said...

That is cool! So I guess "gang" means "door" or something since "Ingang" means "entrance". Now I know one more Dutch word. Dag :)

Minke said...

Wow, Yasu you are doing good. To correct you..."gang" means "hallway"....("deur"="door")..... Only 4 months and we will meet again in a 'new' country, jippie!!! Doeiiiii!