Monday, March 30, 2009

My brother's new place

Only 22 years old, but already a home-owner, that’s my Belgian (he changed his nationality several years ago) brother Djamo. I’m still trying to figure out my life and my much younger brother has already gotten serious about his! Today my mom and Gyano visited him in Belgium to check out his new digs.
His house is huge, I hope he has enough furniture to fill it! I haven’t been there myself yet, but judging from the pictures my mom took, his smallest room is still bigger than my apartment. He also got himself some very yellow wheels, to move himself and all his musical equipment from practice to practice and gig to gig. Can wait to see more pictures from the next visit and to someday check it out myself.

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Louise said...

Grappig heej om je broertje in zijn eigen huisje te zien. En ook nog eens een beetje veel groter dan het jouwe. Maar er komt een dag dat ook jij onder een eigen dakje komt te liggen.
DVK XXXXXX je moemie.