Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hina Matsuri

Today, the third day of the third month, is Hina Matsuri or Girl’s Day in Japan. The Japanese celebrate their daughters, nieces and other female members of society, by displaying sets of ornamental dolls on several tiers of platforms and by consuming customary drinks and snacks.
Being Dutch I wasn’t even thinking about Hina Matsuri until one of my students announced it was Girl’s Day and presented me with cute Hello Kitty Hina Matsuri snacks as I am a girl. At which the other student in the room pulled out a container of homemade chirashizushi (rice flavored with sugar, vinegar topped with a variety of ingredients), which looks messy but tastes really good, and which his wife prepares only once a year, on Girl’s Day. Aren’t my students sweet?


Brianna said...

I got the same Hello Kitty snacks! They were tasty.

Louise said...

Yes they are!
DVK XXXXXXX je moemie.