Sunday, March 22, 2009

Creative and mysterious cooking

This time we headed out to Ben’s place to enjoy dinner, and we were all pretty excited about it because we’d already learned what a great cook Ben is. And he didn’t disappoint us at all. Ben cooked us a delicious meal, huge garlic and ginger prawns in a pan, chicken parma in his tiny toaster-oven, and a chocolate ripple cake in his fridge. You’ve got to be creative when you don’t have proper kitchen equipment like at home, and I’d already heard of Ben’s legendary rice-cooker cakes from Enzo, but baking a cake in the fridge was plain mysterious. Apparently, there was no baking involved at all, he just covered a roll of Australian chocolate cookies in homemade whipped cream on all sides and let the cookies go soft in the fridge for 6 hours, cut the ‘cake’ at an angle: et voila!
We all loved the food and dessert (which Yasu joined us for), and I also enjoyed checking out Ben’s apartment. He’d been cleaning his apartment before our arrival and it looked great, especially with the warm lighting from his new Muji lamp. It’s similar to my apartment because it’s also a Leopalace, but his has a small balcony and a loft to sleep in, making his room very high. That huge open space above his living room gives his apartment a very roomy feel, and even though somehow we both have exactly the same floor space (something like 18.43 square meters) his feels bigger. Still, I’m happy I don’t have to climb up a ladder every night, and down it every morning.

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Louise said...

Hm, mjammie. Stuur Ben maar een keer langs alstie in de buurt is... lijkt me errug lekker.
DVK XXXXXXXXxxx je moemie.