Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welsh fajitas

Machiko went to Wales for a short vacation last December and she brought a very un-Welsh souvenir back to Japan: a fajitas cooking kit. So tonight we gathered at my house for a Mexican-Welsh dinner party. After I picked Machiko, Ben and Enzo up at the station we went straight to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for the fajitas, wine and umeshu and a lot of snacks. Some hours were spent drinking the wine and munching on the snacks, until Yasu arrived (after working late). Then it was time for the fajitas, which were pretty tasty and surprisingly spicy, which is really nice for a change.
Although it was Machiko’s souvenir, Ben did most of the cooking. He really likes to cook and actually seems to know what he was doing. The first batch was prepared by him, the second by Machiko under Ben’s watchful eye. Actually, Ben had also done some cooking at home earlier today: dessert. He brought home-made lamingtons (a typical Australia Day food, which is tomorrow) and little cream-strawberry-chocolate tartlets, and they were delicious, especially the lamingtons. We were very surprised he made almost everything from scratch, even the cream in the pretty tartlets. Amazing.
It was a great evening, and we laughed a lot, induced by Youtube videos, interesting English lessons and of course alcohol. We were pretty loud too... I hope my neighbors weren’t bothered by it too much as it is a Sunday and my guests didn’t leave until after midnight. Oh well, if they were I’ll make it up to them by being exceptionally quiet the next couple of weekends...

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Louise said...

Jij en rustig tijdens de volgende weekenden? Als wij al aan de babbel zijn ben je alles behalve rustig!! ;-)
Ziet er lekker uit die dessert hapjes!
DVK XXXXXX je moemie.