Friday, May 01, 2009

Korean barbecue

In Japan we order bite-sized raw ingredients, like beef, pork and some veggies and then cook it ourselves on a grill built into our table. We dip the grilled meat in a Japanese sauce before eating it with some side dishes like rice and kimchi. This practice is known as yakiniku in Japan.
In Korea we order a huge slap of marinated beef, which is then grilled on a slightly different table barbecue by the waitress who cuts the meat into bite-sized pieces with huge scissors when the meat is done. The meat is then wrapped in lettuce leaves with kimchi, spicy sauces, garlic, and whatever you like (perhaps some green chili peppers) from the numerous side dishes on your table. After that you try to fit the whole lot in your mouth and chew it, if you can. This practice is known as galbi gui in Korea.
We finished our meal with some chik naeng myun, which are black noodles, boiled egg, strips of cucumber and pear in cold soup. The whole meal was really delicious and extremely cheap, like most everything here in Seoul. We were absolutely stuffed after dinner and left a huge mess.
We love Japanese yakiniku, but now we love Korean galbi gui more! Hope we get another chance at galbi gui this trip!
Galbi Gui

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Louise said...

Gui en ik hadden het er van de week nog over, de koreaanse bbq. Wisten niet meer hoe het heette... maar nu weer wel!
Maar zwarte noodles? Euhm...en dat smaakt naar...?