Monday, December 22, 2008

Stolen Chupa Chups, a fridge makeover and an interim house

Today I was supposed to sleep in to get some rest, but when you’re on Japanese time it’s really hard to do that in Europe. I’d already woken up a couple of times during the night, probably thinking it was time to get up, so when my mom was getting ready for work I got up too and had some breakfast with her and my stepdad Gui. A little later my mom went to work anticipating a dull day at work just before Christmas in an almost deserted company. But when she got to work she discovered that the company had been burglarized over the weekend. The office was a mess, but the only things missing were petty cash and a large stash of Chupa Chups! Yeah, they’re suspecting the culprits were quite young and unprofessional, because of what they stole and all the clear footprints they left. But the cops never sent over a forensics team to gather the evidence, because they had more serious crimes to investigate. But at least my mom had a very eventful day at work and never even needed her Nintendo DS to get through the day. 
My day wasn’t that eventful but busy nonetheless. Gui and I did some serious Christmas grocery shopping, after which we had to stash all that food somewhere in the house, but not before I gave the fridge a thorough makeover by throwing out all the forgotten and expired stuff in jars and bottles and by cleaning all the stains from leakages. It was hard work but in the end I was rewarded with a delicious home-cooked meal of things I’ve missed in Japan, roasted potatoes, peas, mushrooms and a big juicy steak!
During our search for a nice Christmas turkey we bumped into the lady that’s renting her house to my family for about half a year. My parents bought a new house, but it won’t be ready until August, but new people are moving into our house in March, so a temporary place to store things and spend nights was needed. Because I’ll be in Japan during this time, I’ll never get to see this interim house, so she offered to let me see the house tonight. So after dinner we went to her house to check out the new digs (Gy had never seen it before either). It was smaller than where they’re living now, but definitely good enough as an in-between-house for a big family. I wonder what it’ll look like with our furniture, I guess I’ll ask for some pictures when the time comes.
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Minke said...

En misschien gaan wij ook nog wel even langs, staat zeker in de planning! Kus, Minke

Louise said...

Was een spannend ochtendje om mee te beginnen!!! O ennuh, thanks voor het ruimen van onze fridge.
DVK XXXXX je moemie.