Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scary Santa, cute Santa, and perhaps drunk Santa

Chrismas is coming, so we’re hosting little Christmas parties for the kid students at school. Today was the first one and one of the foreign teachers got to dress up as Santa Claus, but his beard comprised his vision so he needed some help from another foreign teacher with his belt. The manager dressed up as Mrs. Claus and together with Santa she made sure all the little kids got some presents from Santa’s big bag. I think the kids really liked the party, but most of them were too scared to sit on this Santa’s lap though, I don’t blame them...
Then after work Yasu came to Senri Chuo for dinner, because he’s leaving for Tokyo tomorrow morning and I’m leaving for the Netherlands on Sunday morning. Yasu played Santa a bit himself, by presenting me a very cute Christmas cookie from Starbucks, and even though this Santa wasn’t wearing a fluffy suit like the earlier one, I thought this particular Santa was mighty cute. We went to Hokkaido Factory Show (weird name for a restaurant, I know) and ordered a few small dishes, at least that’s what we thought. In izakaya they always bring the food with intervals, and before they brought our last dish we were contemplating ordering some more... Then our last order showed up, what we thought would be two small skewers with meat and vegetables turned out to be four (!) incredibly huge skewers! Oops, good thing we waited to order more. Of course, we couldn’t finish it all, but hey now I have some dinner for tomorrow night too, after convincing the waiter to let us take the leftovers home and that we won’t sue them if the reheated food gives us a headache(?).
Saturday night we have a Christmas party for our adult students at a Italian restaurant with unlimited food and alcohol and presents, so that should be fun too, I wonder if someone is going to dress up as Santa again, maybe then we’ll have drunk Santa.

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