Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy birthday Yasu!

Today my boyfriend is turning 25! He’s finally on my side of the twenties, meaning closer to thirty than twenty! Yeah, it’s tough having a younger boyfriend. He’ll be working in Nagoya today, but he’ll return to Osaka in the evening and we’re planning to celebrate his birthday with some Spanish food and karaoke in Tsukamoto.
I’ve known what I wanted to give him for his birthday for a while now, but I’ve had a hard time finding a suitable and affordable one in Japan. I know exactly which stores to go to in the Netherlands, to be presented with a nice variety of choices and qualities, but it seems Japanese stores only offer expensive & boring, and just in three different versions. After an extensive search in Umeda yesterday I managed to find a nice surrogate gift, and I'll give him that thing I wanted to give him as a New Year's gift after some shopping in the Netherlands.


Yasu said...

Thank you my love, now I am older side of 20s. I am getting older :) mwah

Louise said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kissssssss... moem

Minke said...

Yes, you belong to 'our side' now Yasu;)! Or am I not allowed to talk about 'our' Lou?!;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEFELICITEERD!!!!!!!!! Have a nice evening together!!! Besitos (kisses in spanish:)), Minke

Yasu said...

Lia and Minke, thank you! Now I sing Dutch Happy-Birthday-song by myself :) Yasu