Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas in Japan

Discovered this awesome clip on Brit in Japan tonight, and I enjoyed it so much that I had to watch it twice and felt to need it to share it with you too: 
Most of it is taped in Nagoya, so it was a feast of recognition for me. Also, they sing about a lot of typical Japanese traditions this time of year, which is really funny for us foreigners in Japan, but for those of you that haven’t lived here, you might not understand what’s funny about christmas cake, illuminations, or KFC. So here’s the explanation of 'Christmas in Japan' by the creators themselves. And even if that's too much for you to read, I know you'll enjoy the dancing Santa robot and sushi Christmas tree.


Minke said...

Have a nice Christmas with your family! We will be in contact and hopefully see each other!!! I am looking forward to it!!! But first, have a good flight! Kisses, Minke

Yasu said...

This is super-well-made!! I have no doubt about you liking it. So cool! Yasu