Saturday, November 01, 2008

A week of costumes

After a week of dressing up, everybody appeared in their normal business clothes again today. Yesterday was Halloween and since last Saturday most of us have been wearing costumes to work. Not everyone had to work during the Halloween party, so here are some pictures of the missing people and some the different costumes and costume swaps that happened throughout the week:
I didn’t really have a costume, but I found miscellaneous things around the school that I’d wear to look as silly as I could during classes, and I succeeded! Sometimes I was a red-haired-pumpkin-head hippie and at other times I was evil Stitch (isn’t he always evil?). And the most ridiculous I looked all week was when I was added huge glasses decorated with grey zombies to my costume. That night’s greetings from students changed from hi to hiwoohoohahahaha, the second they saw me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of those glasses and after that night they disappeared! Which is maybe a good thing because they gave me a huge headache.

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Yasu said...

I like Lou-Stitch very much! mwah