Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick karaoke

After her work at the airport, Machiko came back to Senri Chuo to pick me up after my work. We’ve been looking forward to singing some karaoke together since we didn’t have enough time the last time. There is only one karaoke place in Senri Chuo, but it looked good on the outside so we went for it.
It looked good on the inside too, I mean it’s not the same as luxurious Shidax but it’s better than stinky Jankara. And one good thing about this place was that the hourly fee per hour per person went down when the number of people increased, which is only fair because you get to sing less when you’re with more people. This is something I feel all karaoke places ought to do. In exchange for this service they made it compulsory to order (and pay for) a drink, so we did:
As expected singing was good and we warmed up pretty nicely the first hour and were getting ready for another hour of serious singing. When we go to karaoke you tell them you’ll be there for an hour and when they call you to tell you your hour is almost over you add another 30 minutes or more and continue singing, and this whole process is repeated until you feel you’ve had enough of it. So when the front desk called after 50 minutes, we told them we were extending our singing stint with another hour, but to our dismay they told us we couldn’t! Excuse me?! Apparently, it was a busy night and other people were waiting. Well, of course it was busy, it’s Saturday, people are waiting in all karaoke parlors all over Japan... Apparently, at this place you have to tell them exactly how long you want to sing from the start, because there’s no way to extend... That’s OK, but if only they’d told us, or put a sign up in the lobby like they did with the prices. So our evening of singing got cut really short.
So instead we hung out at Starbucks and did some more gossiping, checking out some of my old pictures (I had my MacBook with me) and drinking some delicious Starbucks coffee.
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Minke said...

Tijdens jouw avondje Senri Chuo was ik met Eelco een dagje Amsterdam aan het doen. En langs Fame lopend doet mij altijd aan dat geweldige moment denken van samen door de glazen draaideur lopen, kriebels;)!!!! xxx