Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy birthday Moem!

Happy 46th birthday to my sweet mother! I hope she’ll receive heaps of nice presents, a big birthday cake and has a lot of fun celebrating this day. I wish I could celebrate it with her in Veldhoven today, like she celebrated my birthday with me in Japan this year... but unfortunately my plane doesn’t leave Japan until the 21st of December.
Right now I’m talking to my mother on Skype. It’s afternoon on the 28th in the Netherlands so on that side she’s still 45, but here in Japan her 46th birthday has just started. I sent her a big envelope filled with presents last week and it arrived 2 days ago, with instructions not to open it until her birthday. Well, it’s her birthday here, so let’s see if I can get her to tear open the envelope, because I want to see here reaction when she opens her birthday present from Japan.

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Minke said...

GEFELICITEERD nog lieve Lia!!!! Dikke kus Minke
(555 days today Lou!)