Friday, October 31, 2008

No parties on the train please

Going home from work tonight, I spotted this interesting poster somewhere in the JR station in Osaka:
I though it was a rather peculiar warning, first of all it wasn’t just in Japanese but also in English, perfect English and not incomprehensible Engrish. But are they actually telling us not to have parties on the train? Who would want to party on a Japanese train in the first place? They’re always crowded with bored people, who are sleeping in every position thinkable, not really the ideal party location, you’d think. But in Tokyo they’re also warning people not to party on the train:
So something was definitely going on. A little research on the internet and I found out about the Tokyo Yamanote Halloween Train, a.k.a. the Gaijin (foreigner) Train.
This is a forbidden underground Halloween celebration on the JR Yamanote line in Tokyo every year. The party consists of mostly costumed foreigners, joined by enthusiastic Japanese people, drinking, eating, playing music, dancing, yelling and laughing loudly. This kind of behavior is kind of wild and shocking to normal Japanese society, so understandably they’re trying to stop it from happening, hence the warnings.


Brianna said...

by the way, that yellow sign is creepy - especially the sad face guy on the outside of the train!

Minke said...

Let's join them sometime;). x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Louana, my new teacher^^

it's Tomoko, do you understand me?

i came to here finally, so i've been toooooo busy and had a lot of things i must to do :(

well, i've read your new blog and laughed so much! haha :D
cos i've never seen such a "warning poster" even though i was really used to take a train. (for example, when i went to the school which was in Umeda)

i think it may be for stopping "bad teenager and drunk people??
cos sometimes i looked at really crazy groups, they seemed to have partying in the train ^^;
we said it "ヤンキー" or something....

however, i also don't understand what the train warning wanna mean...
cos it's written in english... i've not seen that foreigners had a party in the train, on the contrary, i've never seen even foreigners talking loudly in the train.... i looked at a couple (maybe they were french) who were doing a deeeeeeeeeep kiss too long time in the Midosuji-rail though, haha :D
all people around them stared at them for a while, and we thoght "i now got a cultural shock!!!" ≧(´▽`)≦アハハハ

OK, i have to go to sleep >_<

C U tomorrow^^ looking forward to seeing you then ^^