Monday, October 13, 2008

Meeting Yasu's American friends

Yasu is a very social person and he’ll talk to just to about anyone who looks interesting. Once, when Yasu was still a university student, he saw a tall American in an elevator at school and struck up a conversation. And now more than 5 years later Yasu is still friends with Paul, the tall American professor who arrived in Japan in 1982, and his wife Susan. He even visited them in San Diego for Christmas once. I’d heard a lot about these people but today was my first time to meet them.
We visited them at their Japanese apartment near the university in Sanda, which was the most wonderful home I’ve ever seen in Japan. The atmosphere was warm and homey and of course I forgot to take pictures. Paul and Susan used to live in Japan together, they even got married here, but Susan moved back to the States a couple of years ago, but visits her husband in Japan twice a year and Paul goes back for the states for a couple of months per year when the university has its annual school vacations. Susan just got back to Japan again, so Yasu and I went to their place to be treated to a delicious home cooked American meal.
The food was really great, but the best part was dessert, which was a crispy apple pie with vanilla ice-cream and absolutely divine. And of course dessert was the only part of the meal I forgot to photograph. Everything was really good and they had more than enough for seconds, but we were all way too stuffed. Not only the food was good, it was also great to meet these people and hear all about old Japan as they’ve lived here (on and off) since the early eighties. It was a wonderful evening meeting some of Yasu’s most interesting friends.


Minke said...

Wow, this sounds like a really interesting and fulfilling evening!! Mis je;)!!! xxx

Brianna said...

Apple pie with ice cream! I might have to meet these Americans when I am in Japan so I can eat the American food that I'm sure I will miss.

Yasu said...

That was really a fun time! I hadn't met them for a while, and now you know them. Very cool!
Indeed, their place is super wonderful.