Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lou versus Louana

In Osaka everybody calls me Lou, but in Inuyama everybody calls me Louana. I don’t like the full version and prefer the nickname Lou, and most people I know automatically shorten my name to Lou anyway, so I was never bothered with the sound of my full name (which for some reason I really don’t like). But in Inuyama (and Nagoya) people stick with the name you gave them during your introduction, so Louana was back and Lou was gone. And for some reason it was impossible to teach the Japanese the shorter and preferred version of my name… Stuck with a name I didn’t like.
So when I transferred to Osaka I made sure to introduce myself as Lou to everybody I met, and I even had Honbu put Lou on my nametag instead of Louana. By the end of training all printed materials even said Lou van Luttervelt, even though I prefer my full name when typed or written on some document, because it just looks weird without the ‘ana’. But I decided not to mention it because I got what I wanted: everybody was calling me Lou or Lou-sensei!
Anyway, being back in Inuyama it was weird to be called Louana again by my old students and coworkers and I sometimes had to stop myself from correcting them. But it was just for one evening so I decided I could take it. Tomorrow I’ll be back in Osaka where everybody calls me Lou, except for my boyfriend who always calls me Louana… I told him I don’t like it but I guess he does, and I let him do it, simply because he won’t not do it.


Louise said...

Hoezo Yasu koppig???

Yasu said...

I like varieties. I call you Louana , Lou or something else mwah