Sunday, October 26, 2008


My 7 day workweek is finally over, somewhere during this week I also caught a cold, making everything a bit more tiring. Honestly, I was really fed up with working on day 5 and was really not looking forward to the last 2 days. But now it’s over! When I got home today the first thing I did was lie down on the ground (I have a carpet so it’s pretty soft, and I was too tired to change to get into the bed) for a quick nap, I was exhausted with the work and the cold. Still, today was a pretty fun workday; we had a Halloween party for kids at the school.
Our manager loves Halloween and had the teachers decorate the school excessively a few weeks ago. And on Saturday Halloween week started meaning all teachers are teaching classes in costume for a week. We don’t have a Halloween tradition in my country, so I’m not really into the whole costume thing, besides costumes are expensive. So I just borrowed a cowboy hat from one of the other teachers and wore them with my jeans and cowboy boots. But we were teaching kids on carpets today, which means no shoes, and without the boots there isn’t much ‘costume’ left, so today the manager put a pumpkin hat on my head instead.
Almost all the children that came to the party were dressed up and they looked adorable. We played some Halloween themed games with them and in the end they all got to ‘trick or treat’ to fill their self-made Halloween bags. Afterwards we were posing with all the kids so the parents could take pictures… my jaws still hurt from all the smiling and my eyes are still blind from all the flashlights. This is how celebrities must feel. It’s hard work. But I think the kids had fun and they all loved getting their little hands on so much candy. I had fun during the party too, but the funniest thing we did today was go to McDonalds in costume to pick up some lunch.
We got a lot of stares and funny looks, but then again being a foreigner in Japan will earn you those stares and weird looks, even without going through the trouble of dressing up like an idiot. But this might have been a first for our Japanese coworkers.


Minke said...

Haha Lou-Pumpkin! x

Yasu said...

This looks so much fun! Do that every month ;) mwah

Louise said...

Ghe ghe... dat ziet er gezellig uit!

haru said...

Hi it's Haruka at EAON.
I loved your costume with strange glasses!