Saturday, September 06, 2008

Too high

After work Yasu and I met up in Umeda for dinner at Outback. We spend several hours eating and making good use of the free refills on drinks. After dinner we walk to the station and Yasu suddenly says he feels like going somewhere high… Eh alright? I immediately think of the Midland Square Building, but that’s in Nagoya, and the Umeda Sky Building is too far away. So I offer to take a ride with him on the red Ferris Wheel on the Hep 5 Building. It might not be that high but it was late and his request to go high was quite random anyway.
Did we underestimate the height of the Ferris Wheel? We most certainly did! It’s the scariest Ferris Wheel I’ve ever been on. It’s so unbelievably high it started to freak me out half way up and at one point Yasu couldn’t take it anymore either. Of course, we were perfectly safe and we survived the trip without a scratch. And we are going to have to do it again, as I didn’t have my camera with me and we had some awesome views from that little round car, and I want some pictures!


Louise said...

Cool!!! Ik durf dat ook wel hoor zo hoog... denk ik.

Minke said...

Hihi, I'll go with you;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx