Monday, August 25, 2008

Updating, again...

There I was finally up-to-date on my blog and then Obon started... My family came all the way from the Netherlands to celebrate summer vacation with me here in Japan, then unfortunately work started again and all my free time was eaten up by things like laundry and other such household tasks and catching up on sleep (which wasn't really a priority during Obon). And then this weekend I had another Dutch visitor… So I’ve kind of been neglecting my blog for a while, and so it’s time for yet another round of updates:

September 23: Futile geisha hunting in Pontocho and Gion, Bye bye Jeroen, Not working this Christmas!
September 22: Shopping in Nagoya, The Dutchies' last night in Japan, Karaoke for the last time, Bye bye Dutchies, Jeroen in Osaka, Arashiyama
September 21: Back to Inuyama, Shooting the rapids again, Checking out my old life in Inuyama, Hanging with Maiko and her family, Inuyama City Jail, Breakfast with Kumiko
September 18: Nara
September 15: Fireworks in the Japanese countryside
September 14: Umeda Sky Building, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, The Dutchies at the sushi-go-round
September 9: The Cup Noodle Museum
September 8: Kyoto Station, Holy buildings and pure water
September 4: Orange tunnels
September 2: The Dutchies do Namba
September 1: Himeji Castle, Parents meeting parents, The Osaka aquarium
August 27: Unlimited Korean barbeque in Amagasaki, Karaoke Gy, Dutch gathering at Leopalace Tsukamoto
August 26: After-work reunion in Osaka, The Dutchies in Senri Chuo
August 25: They've arrived!

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