Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Strange weather

The way I understand it Japanese summer is supposed to start with a horribly wet rainy season in June, by the time the rain has completely vanished in early July, the heat should have been turned up to perpetual and unbearable temperatures, which ought to last until way past September. Well, we had some heavy rainfall in the so-called rainy season, but it in no way resembled the month of swimming to work last year in Inuyama, and the heat has definitely reared its ugly head. But it all seems mixed up this year. Heat, heat, heat, heavy rainfall (complete with lightning and thunder), heat, heat, heat, heavy rainfall, etc. The sky changes color from bright to dark in moments, and back again moments later… It’s confusing.

You’d think we’d like the rain and its supposedly cooling effect, but it’s really not that helpful, and the rain is so fierce that your clothes are totally soaked in a minute and the rain will penetrate your waterproof bag. I just hope this kind of weather won’t impact all the sightseeing I have planned for my family during Obon. Only 3 more days until my mother, my brother and my stepfather land in Japan!

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Minke said...

Incredible weather! Good luck!
They are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have left or will leave the country today!!!! I am so happy for you!!!