Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dutchies do Namba

So today I introduced the Dutchies to Namba, and they loved it, especially Gyano loved all the pretty Japanese girls. I think that’s when he decided he wants to come to Japan again next year. We took pictures with all the Namba landmarks, but we forgot to sample takoyaki and okonomiyaki.
Of course, with all the billboards, signs and announcements in Namba there has to be some funny English somewhere, right? Of course, there is! We discovered something very curious actually:
After looking at so much fish earlier in the day at the aquarium, we wanted to catch some fish… and eat it. So we headed for Zauo in Namba. Ever since my mother read my blog post about catching your own dinner, she has been extremely excited about trying that herself. But the Zauo experience was a huge disappointment. The water next our table was almost fishless, only once in a while a fish would pass by. But even when we took our fishing rods to other more crowded parts of the water the fish just really did not want to bite… not even when it was right in front of their mouths. A few fish nibbled on the bait but then spit it out again. It was like the fish were all fed before the restaurant opened. After more than an hour of trying we were really fed up with it and Gy and Yasu went on an illegal hunt with a net instead of a rod, and easily scooped up a fish from the water. The fish was served as sashimi, which was good, but we still hadn’t been able to catch a fish the whole evening, defeated we gave up.
Even though the highly anticipated catching of our own dinner was a huge let down, we still had something else on the menu: karaoke. The parents really didn’t want to go karaoke, but it being my birthday and me being the boss of the day’s activities, they didn’t really have a choice. And from experience I know the initial hesitation disappears quickly soon to be replaced with addiction. And I was right! And they were convinced just 15 minutes in! Of course, Gyano didn’t need any more convincing. They loved it so much that they already want to know when we’re going again, something I predicted beforehand which is why I took them to karaoke at the beginning of their vacation. 
And even though I didn’t expect any birthday cake today I did get some! Yasu and Gy arranged some small cake to be decorated by candles and some alcohol-free (but damn tasty) champagne. We tried to do the whole singing and blowing out the candles thing, but that wasn’t easy as the air-conditioning was doing the blowing for me. Eventually Gy and I were able to keep the flames on long enough for me to blow them out. I don’t remember if I made a wish, but I did drink the champagne and eat some of the cake.
All in all, it was a very different birthday, it actually didn’t really feel like a birthday at all… But I did get to spend the day with my family and my boyfriend, so that was a first for me. And any day that ends with a party in a karaoke room is a good day! 

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Louise said...


Minke said...

Ik vind de foto rechtsonder, bij de eerste 4 foto's, erg mooi, iedereen staat er gelukkig en vrolijk op, vooral je mama! Hihi, jemig weer 3 verslaafden erbij dus voor de karaoke, zal ik ook zover komen?!;) xxx

Louana said...

Natuurlijk jij ook, Minke! Waarom denk je anders dat er altijd zo'n lange rijen bij de karaoke chains? En het is niet alsof er maar heel weinig plekken zijn waar je kunt zingen want ze zitten echt overal!

Louise said...

Nou Minke, ik weet het wel errug zeker dat jijde volgende verslaafde wordt!!!!! Ik mis het zelfs een beetje hier in Nederland... dus zing ik dan maar in gedachten met mijn liedjes mee op mijn ipodje. Niet hardop heej, kan ik de rest niet aandoen.
Dus, je reis al geboekt??????
Liefs, Lia.

Minke said...

Lia, in gedachten allang!!! Nu nog in het echie! x