Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dutch gathering at Leopalace Tsukamoto

We’re going to Himeji today and Tsukamoto is on the way there, so before we left the parents came to visit us at my little Leopalace. I picked them up from the train station and on the walk to my apartment we stopped at my favorite supermarket to fetch some breakfast. At home we enjoyed some coffee and breakfast, while I gave them the grand tour of my palace a.k.a. shoebox.
They agreed that although the place is tiny it’s cute and quite comfortable except for the impossible climate control due to the thin walls probably made of cardboard. And of course, I made of bunch of pictures to remind myself that they were all really here at one point in time.


Louise said...

Beetje onwerkelijk dat we er waren heej... maar we wàren er wèl!!!

Minke said...

Dit dacht ik precies bij deze foto's, onwerkelijk, maar oh zo gaaf! Ik wil ook in die schoenendoos;)!!!! Echt!;) x

Yasu said...

It is a tiny place, I can't believe 4 of you slept there!