Monday, August 25, 2008

Bye bye Jeroen

Jeroen has an early flight back to Seoul today, which meant we didn’t have much time to do some sightseeing today because he has to be at the airport in time to check in and it takes about an hour to get there from Osaka. So, he came over to Tsukamoto to admire my new apartment and compare it to the old one in Inuyama. And although this one is even smaller than the old shoebox, we both agreed the new one is cuter somehow.
There’s a what the Japanese call limousine bus (but I just call it coach bus) that drives straight to Kansai International airport from Amagasaki, which is comfortable, convenient and not so expensive, so Yasu and I took Jeroen to Amagasaki. Where after a way more Japanese meal than last night at McDonalds, we said goodbye to Jeroen at the bus stop.
Isn’t the Hansin Salad Express a weird name for a so-called limousine service? But when the alternative takes longer and means lugging your heavy suitcase up and down the subway stairs and changing trains at several points, I would still prefer to transported to the airport in a salad bus.
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