Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breakfast with Kumiko

Maiko’s parents are friends with the owner of Inuyama City Jail and they arranged free breakfast for us in the prison cafeteria. My mom choose the Western breakfast and the rest of us tried the Japanese version. Turned out it didn’t matter which one you chose, they were both quite yucky. Another reason not to book a cell here in the future. Good thing we’d planned to have breakfast at Denny’s with Kumiko, before we found out about the free breakfasts. So after being released from the slammer we walked over to Denny’s to meet up with Kumiko and have a decent meal.
It was fun for my family to meet Kumiko, especially because she is fluent in English (she’s also an English teacher), so communication was a lot easier than yesterday with Maiko and her family. Kumiko and my parents exchanged gifts and after a little over an hour it was time to say goodbye again, to Kumiko and to Inuyama.
After inspecting a map of the city and pointing out all the places we’ve been in Inuyama we got back on the red Meitetsu train back to Nagoya. It was awesome to finally be able to show the Dutchies around in Inuyama, I just wish we had some more time because I wanted to show them so much more in this little country town.

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Minke said...

Hoe laat gingen jullie de nacht ervan slapen? Of is het daar totaal niet van gekomen?!;)